Sunday, July 26, 2009 @
Due to the overwhelming schoolwork and we have to concentrate on our academics, our blogshop will be officially closed!
We will like to thank all the customers who have been supporting us all along.

The following people, please step up and collect your refunds or stocks as soon as possible:
> Pearlyn
> JiaYi
> Sylvia
> Khaipey
> Rachel
> Ppl who ordered tunic tube.

Quit harrassing us on the Tagboard when we do not owe you anything.
If we owe you something, your name will be up here.

Thank You for your co-operation.

Thursday, July 9, 2009 @ SORRY.
SORRY fr all th long waiting for replys of ur tags and enquiries on the tagboard.
due to some computer problem, we were unable to see n reply ur tags.

therefore, may i ask fr everyone to email to our email,
instead of tagging at th tagboard. n due to alot of enquiries and spamming,
we will not be replying to anymore questions as we are kinda bz with schwrk n stuff.
we will only be replying to orders and enquiries on meetup fr collection or payment.
Also, we will not be using the tagbox that often now, so if u all wan a faster reply, plz EMAIL us instead, as we will soon close down the tagbox.


** to all th buyers that have ordered bt have not collected ur stocks.
pls email to us at to arrange a meetup(:
so sorry to make u wait for such a long time. we rly regret it.

for enquiries & purchases.:)
Please read the terms and conditions below.

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